The Look that Reveals all

sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

The look that reveals all, the gesture that seduces everything she touches, the face that shows an angel with no wings, but innate tenderness, I would like to travel through your soul every inch of my pillow. Your charm and charisma will make your dreams come true. I exist through your music, and would like to live it a little more.

kindness is what shows in every single note of yours, a man without yearnings sees you trough the mirror, wishing share more than a wish, just show me that you are the one that with a kiss will fix the time, my life and my dreams- love it’s not made for everyone, I suppose that you’ve heard before, there’s certain things that I can’t and I’ll never understand.

I want to see you again but I’m blind, take out of me what I carried inside. I beg for time and then I can share it in your bed, but there is a pain strong enough that not even my tears can turn them off? Or is that your heart it’s made of stone and every one of them takes something of the granite wall that surrounds it.

Your voice won my heart, thank you for keeping the magic of that moment, enjoying the midnight breeze I can see your maturity in your intellect; lover of your verses and each time I put myself more into your feelings transmitted by your guitar. It’s a note made of magic, that note created from a dream.

I tend to think in romance and you full of that energy, that way you remember my words, keep them in your heart or leave them under your pillow. Maybe we’ll never go back but if you read this again, I’ll know that you forgive that been who succumbed to your smile and the look that finds everything, you find me.

The look that reveals all, the gesture that seduces everything she touch, the face that shows an angel with broken wings, behind a veil it's hidden your heart of stone that hurt you.

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